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        BIOHEMP INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD  0.23 Delayed Quote.20,809.09%127.72%0.00%0,0180,0000,032
        ADSOUTH PARTNERS INC. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.19,900.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0000,000
        ARTEC GLOBAL MEDIA, INC. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.19,900.00%100.00%100.00%0,0350,0000,070
        CYBERLUX CORPORATION USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%-20,519.86%9,900.00%0,0050,0000,004
        BIOLIFE REMEDIES, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%-20,519.86%9,900.00%0,000-0,000
        SUPER NOVA RESOURCES, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0000,000
        SOLAR PARK INITIATIVES, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%9,900.00%0,000-0,006
        ELECTRIC CAR COMPANY, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%0.00%0,0070,0000,007
        SPYGLASS RESOURCES CORP. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%9,900.00%0,000-0,013
        NORSTRA ENERGY, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%900.00%0,0000,0000,004
        INTELLIGENT HIGHWAY SOLUTIONS, I.. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0000,013
        AMBIENT WATER CORPORATION USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%0.00%0,0020,0000,002
        JAMMIN JAVA CORP. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.4,900.00%-50.00%-50.00%-0,0230,0000,023
        PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, INC. USD  0.5 Delayed Quote.4,900.00%51.52%-28.57%9-25
        VID3G INC USD  0.15 Delayed Quote.1,400.00%28.32%-25.00%0,0000,0000,001
        REALITY RACING INC. USD Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%0,000-0,000
        INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOL.. USD Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%900.00%0,000-0,000
        MILLENNIUM ENERGY CORP USD  0.04 Delayed Quote.700.00%700.00%-23.63%2-2
        ORPHEUM PROPERTY, INC. USD  0.0185 Delayed Quote.516.67%0.00%516.67%0,0000,0021
        AZTECA GOLD CORP. USD  0.002 Delayed Quote.400.00%227.87%233.33%0,1000,0000,143
        LE@P TECHNOLOGY, INC. USD  0.1 Delayed Quote.354.55%354.55%42.86%10,0021
        MAVERICK ENERGY GROUP, LTD. USD  0.005 Delayed Quote.354.55%0.00%12,400.00%0,000-0,651
        TOWERSTREAM CORPORATION USD  0.75 Delayed Quote.275.00%69.62%-64.29%0,0340,0000,083
        SPORTS VENUES OF FLORIDA, INC. USD  0.1427 Delayed Quote.248.05%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0010,068
        ASIA CARBON INDUSTRIES, INC. USD  0.0046 Delayed Quote.203.33%62.50%57.44%0,0600,0000,157
        EMEDIA GROUP INC. USD  0.0003 Delayed Quote.200.00%200.00%50.00%0,001-0,002
        NUINSCO RESOURCES LIMITED USD  0.0058 Delayed Quote.190.00%190.00%447.17%0,5660,0000,864
        3D MAKERJET, INC. USD  0.0108 Delayed Quote.170.00%0.00%468.42%0,0000,0640,521
        STANDARD ENERGY CORP. USD  0.005 Delayed Quote.163.16%163.16%212.50%0,1630,0010,264
        ENCHANTED WORLD INC. USD  0.006 Delayed Quote.160.87%0.00%0.00%0,000-0,001
        DIVERSIFIED RESOURCES INC. USD  0.0052 Delayed Quote.157.50%0.00%-89.27%0,0000,0000,085
        UBIQUITECH SOFTWARE CORP. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.150.00%0.00%-90.00%0,0000,0010,398
        CALIPHARMS, INC. USD  0.0001 Delayed Quote.150.00%66.67%0.00%0,0060,0000,014
        KLAUSTECH, INC. USD  0.015 Delayed Quote.150.00%0.00%-65.91%0,0000,0030,593
        DAY TRADEXCHANGE, INC. USD  0.002 Delayed Quote.148.76%148.76%-60.00%0,0120,0000,021
        ZEVOTEK, INC. USD  0.035 Delayed Quote.133.33%-12.50%0.00%-0,0530,0030,369
        FIELDPOINT PETROLEUM CORPORATION USD  0.049 Delayed Quote.133.33%-37.13%-67.69%-0,1950,0010,331
        ROUCHON INDUSTRIES, INC. USD  0.1 Delayed Quote.122.22%150.00%143.90%0,5400,0120,900
        EUROPEAN METALS CORP USD  0.002 Delayed Quote.122.22%122.22%-99.60%0,0310,0000,056
        ACCESS-POWER, INC. USD  0.007 Delayed Quote.118.75%-8.57%319,900.00%-0,1300,0141
        PROCONCEPT MARKETING GROUP, INC. USD  0.0045 Delayed Quote.114.29%114.29%125.00%0,398-0,746
        LONE STAR GOLD INC USD  0.59 Delayed Quote.109.22%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0011
        INTERPLAY ENTERTAINMENT CORP. USD  0.0269 Delayed Quote.106.92%5.52%62.50%0,0850,0022
        IMAGE INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC. USD  0.03 Delayed Quote.102.70%0.00%-40.00%0,0000,0012
        DARKSTAR VENTURES, INC. USD  0.035 Delayed Quote.101.15%372.97%1,650.00%50,1297
        BANYAN CORP. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0000,151
        IMMUNOTECH LABORATORIES, INC. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%9,900.00%0,0000,0000,057
        BIO LAB NATURALS, INC. USD  0.4 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,0002
        ALAMO ENERGY CORP. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%100.00%0,0000,0000,014
        TIGER OIL AND ENERGY, INC. USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%100.00%-93.75%0,0930,0080,187
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